Experience Ærø

Experience the beautiful Ærø


To stay in Ærøskøbing is to be transported back in time. The town plan remains unchanged from the Middle Ages, and the narrow cobbled roads with the houses facing straight onto the street create a unique and intimate atmosphere. 

Buses are free and provide a good way to see the island. 

If you like to exercise, there are many and varied cycle tracks both along the sea and inland. Spend a morning visiting a passage grave, the small harbours tucked away along the coast or Søbygaard with its moated manor house. Walk along the beaches and you might find a chunk of amber.

Or visit the three thirteenth-century churches with their delicate, detailed murals and elaborately carved altarpieces. These lie along a ley line on the ridge of the island and which ends at the ruins of St Albert´s Church, deserted for hundreds of years. You can always return on the bus.

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